Other than photography I take inspiration from filmography, literature and fashion. The work of Baz Lutherman in films such as Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet have given me a love of frantic, hectic imagery that's fused with music and over the top declations of love, hate and everything in between.

Its no accident that I love these films as the are all narrator driven which is a huge aspect I want to include in my work. I'm fascinated by the concept of "unreliable narrators" and diaries. The fact that every single one of us have their own stories to tell and if grouped together in a situation would tell different stories based on our own goals, desires and biases.

I've been working on production shots for a play based on the diary of Anne Frank.

 a multimedia play that combines videotaped interviews with Holocaust survivors Ed Silverberg and Eva Schloss with live actors recreating scenes from their lives during World War II.

I'm directly aiming to use a diary format of an "unreliable" narrator in my future work. Perhaps even using film and sound also. I want to create a character that is so immersive that people think she is real. Who will she be? I need to investigate that more....